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Thread: HQ '74 Series II Seatbelts

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    HQ '74 Series II Seatbelts


    This is a question about HQ Seatbelts.

    Other 1974 HQ series II GTS4 and Statesman vehicles I have owned had the retractable seatbelts and corresponding stalks and consoles without seatbelt holders.

    Did the commercial range get these in late '74 or did the traidies have to put up with slamming them in the door and not being able to reach the smokes that have slid across the dash?


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    Not sure what you mean by seriesII HQ. No such beastie.

    You couldn't get retractables at all in 1974 (plated 1974, not 1974 model) on commercials. They became standard fitment though on 1/1/75. HQ didn't even have holes for them, 1974 plated HJ did though, but used lap/sash until 1975 calendar year.

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    haha oh poo!!! I hate losing the

    Ok. I have heard the 74 update refered to as a series II where the console changed and retractables in the rest of the range. Must be a mistake.

    I guess this means the retractable part doesnt bolt to where the lap sash is currently.



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    sedan wagon or statesman from hq with retractables to hz will all fit in the existing holes in your hq....:Flower:

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