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Thread: Seeing as though i didn't sell - treated myself to a little something!

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    Seeing as though i didn't sell - treated myself to a little something!

    Hey Vanners,

    I recently had my old HJ up for sale before i turned it away and couldn't part with it. A lot of contemplation but i know i'll appreciate her in the long run!

    So as a little gift to myself, seeing as though i don't have the time right now to give her the resto... i bought myself something little to cheer myself up!

    Doesn't quite go with the car yet... but i reckon once its restored and looking mint, the plates will be the icing on the cake...

    "Is that a Sandman... Ohhhh yeah it is... Wow... what a nice Panoooohhhhh!!!

    yeah and as well, dare i say.... kind of goes with the odd noise or two that occasionally happens in the back ; )

    (i wish haha)
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    Ha ha.... well done i like it!!

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    Nice one, can't believe no one had that already

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    WB ute

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    Yeah, i'm suprised it wasn't gone either! I actually had wanted them for a while and just thought, bugger it, i'm getting them! If you see me around - give me a beep

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