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Thread: HZ tail lights into WB

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    you need the surrounds, body and lenses from a HZ. drill 4 holes on each side to take the surrounds. As Wb have 3 globes from memory you just cut out the reverse globe.
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    Ok sounds good I have the lens and the surrounds I just need the back. Then do the wiring and drill 4 holes. Thanks for the quick reply. :D
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    What size diodes do I need to do this , I looked at Jaycar and there is lots of different ones.

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    there is an earth its on the body of the hz lights , globe housing pushes into tail light creating an earth.

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    hello , i also put led globes on the back tail lights very bright
    i needed a one way diode for rear tail lights and a led blinker relay

    works quite well .


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