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Thread: Didn't we have a lovely day the day we went to Cowra Vintage Caravan Nats with Qset

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    Sunliners of the late 50's and early 60's were a no-rust no-rot alternative to vans. This fella was towing this with a 50's Mercury and had it set up on air bags so he only had to drop it to the ground when setting it up. Snug and light.

    Everything old is new again. Old 50's slide out van with two slide out sleeping wings and a similar slide out rear for the dining area. The whole tail of the van lifted up and out.

    Maybe a little too far in the deep-end for this fella. I guess he had no space left in his shed.

    Not all vans are tea-cosies and pink flamingos. This crazy piece was hand built after WW2 by an aviation engineer who needed to unwind after 5 solid years of creating war-birds. Absolutely brilliant work of art in aluminium. Weighs less than 400kg.

    1969 and Australia was turning these things out as an alternate to the Vicount aluminium sheet sides. It looks a little like the designers were partaking in to much funky weed while watching Thunderbirds. These were probably top of the line stuff for the new owner of a HG Brougham owner. Inside was a spacey as the outside.

    Tear-dropper with his collection of 'stuff'., Looks like no antique store is safe with this mob around.


    Tow vehicles usually date matched their vans. Most things were out on display, and all folks we met were up for a good yarn and happy to show us through.

    Chev ute sat on a HQ tonner chassis running a 253, they pulled their van from Qld. Looked good while they did it.

    I sat admiring this van for a bit, then walked around to find she was three door ambo. Not often you find these in the local car park

    Spotted; Some MySandman.commers sussing out certain early caravans for sale.

    Rod getting down and dirty. Asking price; around the 6K mark. You could buy alot of Panno and ute parts and bits for that much.

    [MENTION=177]RodneyHZ253[/MENTION] : Insert pic of yourself here.

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    We stopped in on our way home from Ballarat on Saturday in our newest ride a 1959 Dodge Coronet sedan left hand drive.., We know some people with vintage vans.. and that Golden Fleece FB Van is owned by a mate of ours we also are into the old caravans.. we have a home built 1950's caravan in our shed awaiting restoration.... Now i am beginning to like old caravans and would love to get a 1970's caravan to tow behind my Chrome Yellow HQ GTS 4/D Monaro when finished..
    here is our 59 Dodge..

    Pictures 767.jpg
    and a picture of our vintage van..

    Cheers Brady

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