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Thread: V series 'Sandman'

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    V series 'Sandman'

    G'day Everyone,

    Just wondering how everyone feels about the V series 'Sandman' conversion?

    I know this will hit a few nerves of some, though having a look through the site I could not see any acknowledgment of the factory or dealer optioned 'Sandman conversion' V series Vans.

    Now people are going to argue weather or not they are Vans let alone Sandman's.

    Well I look at it like this in Holden's sale brochure for the VY Panel van Canopy it clearly calls it the 'Sandman conversion'.

    So before I go any further what are your guys thoughts on the ultra rear factory (not Amcat) converted V series Sandmans?

    Cheers Jon

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    It will never be a Sandman panel van. If it is ever seen as a Sandman it'll be as a Sandman ute, with a canopy.

    At the end of the day the VE Thunder ute is essentially the modern version of the Sandman. It fits most criteria that the old girls set:

    Available as 6cyl or V8.
    Available on different models - SV6 and SS (HQ-HJ available on Belmont/Holden and Kingswood).
    Comes as the base vehicle does, but gives you mandatory options over and above the base vehicle eg trim, wheels, sat nav, badges etc as a cheaper package than if you optioned all those things separately.
    Relatively limited edition (not so much so in HX-HZ where it was essentially a volume "model").

    Just my thoughts anyway. If I was etting up judging classes in the future, a VZ ute with a canopy would be judged as a ute as it is called a ute on its tags.

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    Leadfoot buickzz's Avatar
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    HK1837 has it spot on.

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    this one is the only one i would consider as a sandman as it was made by holden and it actually says sandman on it, as far as i am aware there where no other one offs like this.
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    true buck i recon if they actually made these a fair few people would have bought them including me , not so sure about the VE ones tho i think they are still growing on me

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    Agree with all the comments much as i'd like them to be be sandmans....they just aren't!

    That said, i think the Mambo Sandman (for me anyway) is the coolest concept car Holden has ever done. That interior blew me away when i saw it at the Melbourne motor show....literally told the good lady wife 'come back and get me tomorrow'
    Stared at this interior for hours.....super super cool

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know who manufactured those wheels or are they one offs??
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    I think there was more than one Mambo Sandman concept. Ben Stewart told me he drove both a van and a ute around the track at the Brisbane performance driving centre track.

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    It's a rockin'
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    there was a mambo ute and a matching mambo ski boat

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    Where are they now ??

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    What does everyone make of this Brochure, that does not think they are Sandmans?

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