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Thread: Lovely bodied HJ ute on Ebay - Passed in

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    Lovely bodied HJ ute on Ebay - Passed in

    Holden Hj kingswood ute, 202 3 speed this is as straight as and rust free and original as you could find, has had the smallest repairs over its life as you can see in the pics but this ute is a good one, to keep original or use as a doner for a sandman, i have had this in my shed the window trim has been removed as there is surface rust there and been fish oiled, roof, sills, cowls, floors, tub all clean and straight front guards apron perfect for a 40 year old ute, it drives and runs well brakes soft from lack of use, the tailgate is not the best but hey there 100 bucks to buy new, has 15x7 globe mags and there is some rust inside the drivers door, Im not going to give this ute away so no silly offers as id sooner keep it, I want a fair price for it and if i dont reach it ill store it, no rego Located in Sutherland Shire

    HJ ute with what appears to be an awesome body on Ebay. What a beauty, and cheap too. And in Sydney. Appears to be a Kingswood as well.
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    Looks like it just sold outside ebay...... damn good body, would have made a great donor for a rusted out HJ Sandy...
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