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Thread: Do You Remember?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK1837 View Post
    You are right, 2009 the Polly Waffle was axed. Geez, time flies as I knew I had seen them "recently", even had one at a servo in recent memory.
    You need to check expiry dates!

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    Some info on Shelley's Soft Drinks.

    Shelley's Soft Drinks started in Broken Hill, NSW.
    Moved to Sydney in 1927 trading as Shelley & Sons Cordial Factory Ltd. The Shelley family are still making soft drinks and are sold as Bert's Soft Drinks (Bertshell Pty Ltd).

    The same range of drinks now all branded "KIRKS" were known as:

    Shelley's - New South Wales
    Halls - South Australia
    Gest - Western Australia
    Kirks - Queensland
    Marchents - Victoria

    Now fully owned by Coca Cola Amatil.

    I remember the advertising as "Get stuck into a "Shelley's" 'cause it's our state drink"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Innuendo View Post
    OK, so Sandman's are traditional 1970's. What items/brands do you remember that coincide with the same time period we longer have available to us?
    Maybe you miss them or maybe you don't. Most obviously left us due to corporate take overs.

    Things like:

    Triple Treat Ice Cream
    The Crowd Pleaser 3 Litre Bottle
    Tooheys Country Special Beer
    BBC Hardware
    Cheese Things
    GI Lime
    Polly Waffle
    Springelex Sports Steering Wheels
    Golden Fleece Service Stations
    D'or Curb Feelers
    Stud Cola ...Unbutton a STUD (with the pop-top openings)
    Shelley's Soft Drinks
    Fruit Tingles
    Steam Rollers (Mints)
    Blankety Blanks Lemonade
    Rosella Savory Rice
    Uncle Sam Deodorant
    Pea-Beu Fly Spray
    Bex and Vincent Powders

    and who stole the "33" from Brute 33?

    Anyone remember "Cue Cola" I used to buy and drink everyday from the school canteen.
    What about : TARINO soft drink and AMPOL . I remember going to an AMPOL servo an d buying one of those spinning tops you used to spin on the floor by pulling it with string. And what about the coca-cola yo yo, how good we're they ???

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    KISS icy poles and BEER in a steel can
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    No one has mentioned Tresca i think it was a low cal soft drink that went up against Tab for sales
    can any body remember Certs they were similar to fruit tingles
    and my favourite at school was the Freezer frozen ice funny shaped icy ploe
    this will buzz youse out i still got my skateboard i bought when i was 13 years old made in New Zealand out of polypropylene i think there called penny boards now

    Gee the best years of my life wouldnt change them for quids

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    What about Bex and Vincents powders?

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    Youre all forgetting the most important thing about Sandmans and 70s summer drinks..

    Big Ms and more importantly, Big M girls!

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    Ring pull cans and the tooheys keg bottle. They took them off the market because they cut open everyone's fingers. They had a real big ring pull style lid like the old coopers ones.
    KB beer.
    Norman Ross which became Harvey Norman. The Western Stores chain in regional nsw that Grace Bros took over.
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    Ready for action

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    Manual Telephones! Although we were still manual till 87.
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    A telephone box on most corners and out front of the milk bar.
    PINBALL and early space invaders the sit down ones

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