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Thread: How to find your engine number

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    How to find your engine number

    these are always a fun thing to find as they are buried under oil or paint and bracketry..i will post some pics up for these a bit later..
    253 and 308 engine numbers are all on the passengers side of the motor at the front edge under the alternator if its a hq hj hx hz and its original..leaning over the passengers side gaurd looking at the spark plug lead closest to the alternator...its does help when they are clean like the one pictured from my wb caprice van..
    so again 253 and 308 engine numbers are all on the passengers side of the motor originally.

    the 08 9 numbers are nothing to do with the engine number..these are stamped on the heads of this motor..
    if it is not there then look on the other side of the motor in the same spot..if the motor has been rebuilt and decked then the engine number is machined away..
    for a chev engine number it is the opposite side to holden..lean over the right side gaurd and its behind the crap on the front of the motor but it runs up and down in front of the head rather than under the edge..

    pic of chev engine number
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