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Thread: Washer motor

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    Washer motor

    This has packed up
    What is the easiest fix?
    Have an after market universal is it say to fit

    Cheers Kiwivan
    It is not about the journey,It is the style we travel in!

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    Was it the washer bottle motor pump or the windscreen wiper motor?

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    Washer bottle motor
    It is not about the journey,It is the style we travel in!

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    I replaced mine many years ago with a generic after market thing, looked similar to the original. Check Rares, they may have something that resembles the original at a decent price now.

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    They are all over ebay with or without bottle.
    Here's one for example:

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    I purchased the kingswood country upgrade kit that uses the existing loom that just plug theirs into.
    And placed the washer motor provided into the washer bottle.
    Works very well and an easy upgrade.

    Cheers Kiwivan
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    It is not about the journey,It is the style we travel in!

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    The only issue with many of the aftermarket ones is that they do not have the original printing. The Rare Spares ones are still moulded from the Original GMH tooling using the production methods from the era. They are then printed with the appropriate label. If you are just after a motor then there are many suitable ones available but only one company producing a replacement bottle correctly. Even the caps and spigot are correct.

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