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Thread: Aftermarket A/C

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    Awesome thanks for your updates.
    What was the total cost if you don’t mind telling us.
    Cheers Kiwivan
    It is not about the journey,It is the style we travel in!

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    the parts cost was $2,300
    the charge from the A/C specialist to make and run hoses and gas the system hasn't been presented yet, but I expect it will be under $1,000

    Total cost will be a tad over $3,000
    I seriously doubt you could do it cheaper as I did just about everything myself.

    The Engine bay is SIGNIFICANTLY less cluttered and working on the engine is simple vs the factory A/C.

    Attended the recent Van-in in Wodonga and the heater worked excellently on the cold nights (my partner really feels the cold) and the A/C was fantastic in cooling down the hot interior on the drive back.
    both times, the fan was at the slowest speed and temp setting's 1/2 way - so I expect it'll be awesome on 40 degree days ;)

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    Cheers Kiwivan
    It is not about the journey,It is the style we travel in!

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    Did you have any problems connecting the ducting to the back of the oval shaped vents? What diameter ducting did you use? I measured the back if the vents being 90mm x 57mm. Was interested to know if you had to use a transition piece to connect the ducting to the vents

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