Howdy folks

Driving around town in my powerhouse work diesel Mondeo wagon and saw this for sale by the side of the road yesterday.

Stopped and had a chat in the chilly 26c cold and report the following.

It is a WB factory 6 but was running a 308. The guy selling it is a long time Bundy boy that has a genuine electroplating business in his backyard sheds, has owned it for 10+ years and had plans but property was flooded in the big one of 2011. I believe his property only got knee deep (or less) but immediately afterwards he cleaned her out (I asked about the chassis) and then stripped her. Car comes with all panels rust free (standard WB square headlight front but statesman bumper), trim dash etc but no box or tranny, they got junked. He's lost the love and is now building/hot rodding a 36 Chev ute and wants cash for that.... so though he's asking $8k, I suspect if he still has it in a fortnight you could get it for 20% discount) That's my words not his.

Today he rolled it out the front (lives on a main road) , not advertised elsewhere and I was the tenth to stop approx 4 hours later.

The body is genuine windowless, factory chamois paint that he rubbed back and just put some black on it, seems all metal...nice sound when tapping sills, roof etc. He says no accidents, no bog...Very straight, worst is drivers windscreen base as shown.

His number is 07 41512599, is a car guy but not necessarily a van guy.

From what I've seen online the value is there in the body, but curious what others think