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Thread: Extra chassis bit on HZ

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    Hope these two pictures help with the outback equipment package, first picture are second hand rear shock absorber stone shield (60, 70 and 80 body styles only) & rear lower control arm reinforcements (35, 69 body styles only) and second picture is a Holden (Nasco) NOS splash pan package.

    I can supply additional pictures if needed, also i have the NOS Holden (Nasco) front fender opening upper mud deflector package ( not to be confused with the fender skirt dust shields), and the front frame struts that go from the cross member to radiator support, these are a different length to the ones that fit between the side frame to cross member as found on HZ WB.

    Cheers John

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    ive got one of those splash pan things shown in the second pic. if anyone is interested PM me

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    i need new braces, atleast one of mine is bent, any ideas where I may stumble across some?

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    holden hz support braces

    Quote Originally Posted by saddo33 View Post
    i need new braces, atleast one of mine is bent, any ideas where I may stumble across some?
    holden support brace can be picked up from n.o.s replicas

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